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  1. 5 hours ago, Meco16 said:

    Awesome, thanks! Did you answer the call or did they leave a voice mail? Just thinking best case scenario for me and timeliness that you guys heard... I interviewed on 7/9 and I often am unable to reach my phone due to work. Would hate to miss that kind of call if I'm lucky enough, but hoping they would leave a message. 

    I was at work when they called and the program director left me a voicemail asking me to call them back around 11 am. Hopefully you hear good news soon! 

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  2. Got my call last night as well, super excited! Congrats everyone!!

    22 hours ago, shockdropnroll said:

    We're going to be classmates!! I mean if you're planning on going there. I got a call as well last night 😁


    22 hours ago, Emilyrae said:

    Got my acceptance call last night❤️❤️ Second round applying to Mesa! Best of luck for interviews to come. It was very get to know you and relaxed fit!!


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