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  1. They sent me an email saying this: “We do apologize as we’ve ran into some technical difficulties with our student portal. Rest assured that your application will be acknowledged as a priority application. We will provide you with another link as soon as we resolve these technical issues.” Hope this helps!
  2. I applied back in May and received the confirmation email in June. I also never received the email for the link for the supplemental fee. I reached out to them as well and did not receive an email after they said they reset the link. I also checked my spam. I am thinking I will need to reach out to them again if I do not get it soon. Let me know if anything changes for you.
  3. Thank you for your clarification! I never got an email with login info for their portal. I hope it did not go to my spam and I missed it. I will reach out to them. Thanks again!
  4. I also submitted in May but I never received an email to pay the supplemental.
  5. If we received the application received email does that mean they received our supplemental fee? I do not remember paying a supplemental fee for them yet.
  6. How long was everyones answer to their question in CASPA? I feel like mine is short compared to the character limit but I am afraid of dragging on in my answer.
  7. I received my supplemental today! This may be a dumb question but they want a professional/passport style photo. Does that mean we can not smile? I assume they want it passport size. Are you guys going somewhere to have the photo taken or having someone take it for you from home?
  8. For those of you that reviewed your application over the phone. Did they ask you any questions or was it more so just informational?
  9. Understandable. I think I am going to say I am okay with either because truly I just want a seat. I appreciate your opinion!
  10. I think mine took roughly 2-3 days after I received the official score report from ETS. I also used their code on test day. It has taken longer for schools that I did not request on test day.
  11. Wow, I am surprised you guys are already receiving interview invitations. Congratulations! I just submitted my secondary today.
  12. How did you guys answer the question on preference to campus location? I would prefer the Salt Lake campus but would accept St. George but I do not know if it looks bad to say this on the application.
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