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  1. @Kikime06 Did you mention anywhere prior to the interviews that this would be the only format available to you? I have three kids. We have a mortgage, jobs, etc. I didn't mention this anywhere. I doubt it is probably the only reason that I was not offered an interview, but after seeing interviews about the program it seems like this program was intended for someone like me. I'm wondering if I somehow missed an opportunity to communicate that and if I should add this next year when I apply.
  2. I went under review on 6/9. Sanjay said I should hear something soon last week but nothing so far.... I’m trying very hard to stay positive. But also, like I said, happy for those who have been admitted and offered interviews!
  3. Does anyone remember if invites from each batch have been sent out on more than one day?
  4. Thanks for letting me know! Congratulations to everyone who has received one so far!
  5. @YCrossPA yes. I spoke with Sanjay last week. He said that I should hear something within the next couple of weeks. No rejection yet so... I’m still hopeful!
  6. I submitted 6/1, was verified on 6/9, and have been under review since that time. I have not heard anything else. So.... hopefully I’ll be considered in the next round for an interview????
  7. @madi.loruss I’m sure you did great! What an accomplishment to have even received an interview. Just remember they’re busy so find something to take your mind off of it.
  8. @mandsOh, me too. I’ve been under review since 6/9. When I heard that others had received interview invites, I became so worried, but I just keep telling myself what someone said earlier... at least I haven’t received a rejection. There’s still hope.
  9. Welcome! Yes, it appears that the interviews are done in batches as the applications come in. Good luck writing those essays!
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