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  1. Curious if anyone has been offered an interview off of the "Interview waitlist" this cycle.
  2. I am also waitlisted for an interview. We will see what happens! Good luck everyone!
  3. Same goes for me! Looks like we are all stuck waiting... Good luck everyone!
  4. My stats and degrees closely resemble yours and I was denied as well. Good luck for all of those who are still in the running!
  5. I am interviewing 9/11 as well. It looks like it is going to be virtual this year!
  6. I applied around 5/10 and received an email from the University around 6/2 that granted me access to their portal. That same day, I also got an email stating that my application was under review. I am sure your email is right around the corner !
  7. I cannot say on the exact date for CASPA, I think it was around 5/8, but I paid the $75 fee on 5/10.
  8. I received an email from the program today saying they received my verified CASPA application and supplemental fee. Leading up to today, I was under your same impression as well.
  9. Thank you for the update. Waiting on my GRE to come through and was curious how they would go about updating applicants! Good luck everyone!
  10. I got a rejection email Thursday as well. I will say I was on the lower side of the PCE hours but otherwise fit the stats of the program. I really wish you all the best with your applications. Emory looks like a great school!
  11. I applied around the same time and have also not received anything.
  12. I have applied and am waiting to see what happens:). Good luck to everyone!
  13. I have applied and am interested to see if the school will have a similar timeline as the year before, given everything that is going on.
  14. Notified that my application was under review! Good luck everyone!
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