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  1. From what I've seen, it looks like there are at least two people who are waiting to hear back from other schools. I'm sure there are more though who either aren't on Facebook or who don't feel comfortable saying that. Personally, I'm set on Mesa.
  2. I got the same email as well which was odd. Thankfully we got other offers though!
  3. Based on last year's forum they were still doing interviews in September so hopefully you'll hear back soon! Also it looked like they were accepting people off of the waitlist through November. Out of all the pages I follow I've only found three of us who have been accepted so far which means there's still several spots available. Last year some students had technical issues with CASPA. Have you tried contacting the program directly?
  4. I had the same heart attack! We're going to have nerves of steel after this process.
  5. They did not leave a voice mail. I actually missed their first call thinking they were telemarketers, second call around 1 while I was in an appointment, and then I called them back and left a voice mail because I recognized the name as being one of my interviewers. I finally actually talked to them right before 5 that evening. Needless to say I was a wreck that day...
  6. I was called on Wednesday in the morning I think around 10 am and emailed on Friday afternoon.
  7. I hope you all hear back soon! For those of you who were accepted and planning to attend, I made a Facebook group so we can all find each other and get to know one another before school starts
  8. We're going to be classmates!! I mean if you're planning on going there. I got a call as well last night
  9. I would definitely do a test during the time of day you are having your interview at both locations and see which background you like better. Just Google zoom test room and it'll show you what it'll look like. I tried using a picture to blur out my background today in Zoom but it ended up making it so they couldn't see my ID. As long as the pictures are appropriate and the background is clean, I wouldn't worry about it. I used a side room that had two pictures in the background, a painting and a family photo.
  10. On their podcast episode, they said they were planning on accepting around 68 this cycle.
  11. Submitted 5/27 Verified 5/28 Confirmation email 5/29 Interview invitation email 6/13 for an interview on 6/25
  12. Provisional accreditation means that they meet all of the requirements to have a program but since they are new, they have frequent checks to make sure they are meeting standards. I believe this is their third cohort that they are interviewing for right now. The interview went so well! I honestly really enjoyed the process and all of the staff were incredible. The students from the second cohort had so many good things to say about the program. Just relax and be yourself! Also, I would highly recommend using either Savanna Perry's interview guide or scheduling a mock interview.
  13. I felt like it went very smoothly especially since it was their first time using virtual interviews. I have to say its been my favorite program to interview at so far. Hopefully you'll hear back soon! They told us we were the first interview group and that admission decisions would be released within 14 days.
  14. For those of you who are new to zoom and are worried about a background, you can upload a photo to have as your background which blurs out everything except for you.
  15. I used Savanna Perry's book (which was the most helpful for me) as well as these websites: https://www.mypatraining.com/pa-school-interview-questions-going-beyond-the-basics/ http://www.mypatraining.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/PDF__The_Physician_Assistant_School_Interview.pdf https://www.mockquestions.com/position/Physician+Assistant/ I also watched mock interviews on youtube and Savanna's mock interviews last night. The best advice I've found is to think of stories for the types of situations they will ask you about and know how you can adapt those stories to multiple questi
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