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  1. If your CASPA has been verified for other schools’ applications, then it should be verified for WSU in the next couple of days hopefully. At that point WSU will download it, ensure that you are an eligible applicant, and send you the supplemental link email.
  2. Absolutely! So according to my little notebook of dates of PA stuff looks like I got the WSU receipt of verified CASPA email on 6/3, then the supplemental link on 6/15...for due date 6/29.
  3. The supplemental is easy! Even if you have just one night before their deadline, it’s really doable.
  4. It’s not a dumb question at all. WSU application process is a little different. Yes, you are right. The graduate application is to be done through their web on your own, supplemental will be sent to you... it will contain survey-like questions and 3 short answer questions at the end, fee paid separately too.
  5. Got the letter too! Definitely one of the happiest days of my life. I’m so excited to meet all of you when we start classes in January
  6. I did too!!!! I’d love to see our acceptance email
  7. I did! Literally the same time as yours. What is it should we be happy or too early. I can’t wait to get home and on my laptop.
  8. Congrats on getting invited for an interview! When did you apply if you don’t mind me asking
  9. Hello have you gotten an interview? I submitted my application 2 days ago and hoping for the best! I'd like to move to the WV or Pittsburgh area soon.
  10. Congratulations that’s amazing! Wish you best in the upcoming new chapter of your life.
  11. Interviewing tomorrow and I’m super excited I can’t sleep! 1230 am. Lol
  12. When is your supplemental application deadline due? Mine says 6/29/20. Does that mean I can submit anytime before the end of the day on 6/29? I am running a little behind on it.
  13. Hi there! I received a supplemental link as well. For the graduate school application, you have to go on WSA and send it yourself. The PA page has instructions such as uploading your unofficial transcripts and paying the fee. Make sure to send that before the application deadline of September. So in summary, applying to WSA PA program requires: CASPA, graduate school application, and supplemental application. Hope this helped!
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