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  1. Received a wait-list email too good luck to everyone else waiting and those who have been accepted, it’s been a good journey!
  2. Sorry to hear that. Good luck with your PA journey Alyssa! Do they email those?
  3. Anyone who interviewed on Oct 30 remembers they told us during the intro that we’d hear back by Dec 15 or 16... something like that?
  4. Congrats! very exciting!!! You were from the first interview session oct 30 right?
  5. Thank you guys! I just wish they didn’t wait till mid December to send out rejections ya know? @JustJprePA hopefully you’ll hear back soon!
  6. If it makes you feel better I been staring at my phone for 3 weeks
  7. I believe there is another ZOOM which is your personal interview time. Your interviewer will email you the invite for that one. It’d most likely be a time between intro and before student panel. Good luck!
  8. Sure! There were 3 separate ZOOM sessions. First one was the intro, where the program director presented the program and the faculty to all of us. This lasted ~45 mins. Next was the personal interview, with 2 faculty members. This lasted ~30 mins. There were many questions asked, but the interview itself had a pleasant atmosphere; the interviewers were personable. The last ZOOM session was meeting current students and asking them questions, very helpful! So basically, you join a zoom meeting, finish it, join the next one at its assigned time.
  9. It seems as someone mentioned earlier, there’s another session taking place today, with the same replica of events... considering some of these individual interview times I wonder.
  10. Best of the luck to the remaining interviewees! You got this.
  11. Should be at 8 am central time! That’s when the introduction ZOOM starts.
  12. Thanks for sharing! That helps those awaiting interview invites for sure
  13. Congratulations! When did you send all your 3 applications?
  14. Congrats to those who received interview invites, and best of luck! @magscamps in the email they said interview invites will be sent out beginning October through December, so I’m assuming multiple rounds.
  15. If your CASPA has been verified for other schools’ applications, then it should be verified for WSU in the next couple of days hopefully. At that point WSU will download it, ensure that you are an eligible applicant, and send you the supplemental link email.
  16. Absolutely! So according to my little notebook of dates of PA stuff looks like I got the WSU receipt of verified CASPA email on 6/3, then the supplemental link on 6/15...for due date 6/29.
  17. The supplemental is easy! Even if you have just one night before their deadline, it’s really doable.
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