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  1. I received a Center City interview today as well. Does anyone know how many people they typically interview and how long it takes to get back to you with a decision?
  2. I’m so happy for you and everyone that was selected. I was also selected in the first round of interviews.
  3. @leharlove @LR2020 No, I received it the same time as the others did. I just checked later. But have faith and don’t give up on it, as it was mentioned earlier there is a waitlist for interviews.
  4. I just received my interview guys. I’m so happy
  5. Yes, it would be expensive. However, this is my first in person interview of all my other ones. So, I don't feel like it is that much of a big deal.
  6. @AjeBaje I received an interview invite and it is an in person interview.
  7. I received an invite to interview September 19 as well. I am so happy and excited to meet my possible classmates.
  8. I am from Memphis, TN and graduated from Mississippi State University 2 years ago in Biochemistry. I am excited for the interview July 30 and I look forward to meeting all of you.
  9. I received an interview invite as well and I have also accepted my interview invite.
  10. I don't think they give out confirmation emails
  11. No I did not get a confirmation email did you?
  12. My application is under review as well and I submitted my application June 7.
  13. I applied on 5/07 and still haven't heard anything back. One of the admissions advisors said they are only reviewing applications once a week.
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