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  1. Got my rejection on Friday afternoon so those of you who haven’t heard anything, that might mean good news is coming soon!! Thankful to have already gotten accepted into another program
  2. I was accepted off the alternate list this morning!
  3. Based on previous years they send another round of invites mid-October to interview in November and I believe that’s the last interview they have. Most decisions are made by December unless of course someone chooses to go to another program and a seat opens up for people on the waitlist! I have heard of several people in the program being accepted off the waitlist just a month or 2 before the program begins in June!
  4. Someone created another forum for UNR 2020-21 cycle so check that one for more updates on this cycle!
  5. Any chance you’d be willing to share your stats with us?
  6. I got my interview invite for October today too
  7. I was in the same boat and I applied 5/26... just got my rejection today at 2:30pm. 3.86 cGPA, 3.71 sGPA, just over 2,000 hours PCE, 460 hours volunteer, 90 hours shadowing Good luck to everyone!!
  8. I applied on 5/26 and got verified shortly after in which they said it’ll take up to 12 weeks to hear back about interviews. It hasn’t quite been 12 weeks but I’ve been seeing all these people get invites and rejections and I still haven’t gotten anything. Is anyone in the same boat who applied early on in the cycle?
  9. This is normal. They send out a wave of emails a couple days after each interview group stating whether the applicant is rejected or placed in the competitive candidate pool.
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