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  1. I think as long as CASPA verified all your stuff and the school has it by the deadline, they'll consider it. You should be good.
  2. I am getting so anxious!!!! So excited / nervous all at the same time. First choice program! I applied early so fingers crossed. Patiently waiting to see if I get a phone call. Good luck applicants!
  3. @JuliaC I took this class online, and it was 6 weeks long at ASU (Not sure how that compares to Doane). It was hard. Hardest class I have taken thus far actually. Very doable but I will say I probably put in around 12-15 hours a week a a minimum. I think it was just difficult because my course was so short. Best of luck to you. It is doable!
  4. I could be wrong but my understanding was all prerequisites had to be completed by the application cutoff date. This means all summer classes have to be finished and recorded and updated with caspa before your app will be considered by University of Utah. It isnt all for nothing if you can get the grades in on time. Best of luck. @Kins4
  5. @Trapster92Sounds correct. That is what I did. Best of luck!
  6. No I never received an application update either. I think they will reach out to us individually and let us know if we have made the preliminary requirements or not. (At least two other schools have done it this way!). I was notified one of my other applications did not meet the preliminary req' because that school required you to have your BA completed PRIOR to applying, rather than in progress.
  7. @fatimaibrahim https://nau.edu/graduate-college/admissions/ There is an "apply" button in the upper right corner. Best of luck!
  8. @AyaladOh man that is a stressful email! Best to have it done ahead of time. I actually did my supplemental NAU about a week before Caspa. When did you apply if you don't mind my asking? It's awesome that they are reconsidering you!
  9. @Graceme Yes the two questions on CASPA are the supplemental "essays" for NAU. But NAU also requires their supplemental application- not more essays. You have to go the NAU website and fill out their application for their graduate school. They charge for it, and it says that just because you may be admitted to the graduate school, does not guarantee admission into the PA program. For whatever reason, NAU requires both CASPA and their own application. I was confused also at first. But when looking at your CASPA application, they will also look to see if they have your graduate application. It i
  10. @Graceme Those questions were supplemental questions you have to fill out for NAU on the actual CASPA app. You still have to do a supplemental application for NAU's graduate school, but NAU will see the essay questions answered when you submit your CASPA app. Does that make sense? Many of the schools require supplemental essays (infact, I only applied to one school that didnt!). Best of luck to you.
  11. This is my first cycle applying! I too am only applying to a handful of schools due to personal circumstances and preference. I think I am a strong candidate so just hoping for the best. I submitted my CASPA on 5/26 and was verified on 5/28. Super excited and nervous. Good luck to all applicants this year! What a remarkable profession!
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