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  1. The evaluated GPA will be the same as it was by the evaluation service and listed under its own separate section called official WES GPA. Then only the US prerequisite grades will be used to calculate the list of calculated CASPA GPAS such as BCP, cumulative etc, so it is basically like having two different GPA sections which are not combined. Also the individual foreign grades will not be listed on caspa.
  2. I am a bit confused about what to enter for extra-curriculars. Am I supposed to include extra things I have done that aren't really related to becoming a PA like dance team and showcases, or do I leave this out because the only option I can select is volunteering and it is not necessarily volunteering but more of a hobby.
  3. I was wondering if anybody has asked for a letter of recommendation from a professor who's class they did well in online? I have letters of recommendation from my job, however some of the schools are requiring an academic letter also. I last attended school in person about 2 years ago and have reached out to a professor who's class I did well in in person, that I that I thought might remember me, but they did not reply to my email. The other professor I was considering asking has since left the college. Prior to this I last completed college 8 years ago. The only other professors I have le
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