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  1. I'm interviewing with Tacoma on 10/8. I've been told that MEDEX does group interview style. Anyone have any insights on group interviews?
  2. I was in Group 1 a week ago. Hoping the best for all of us!
  3. Hey guys! I am interviewing with this program on 9/27. Any insights on the interview day will be most appreciated! Congratulations to those already accepted!! Julia
  4. For those who've interviewed already, how was the interview day (in general)? I interview tomorrow. Excited but a little nervous. I've done MMI before but you never know what to expect lol.
  5. Caspa verified 5/24. Received an email from Pacific in early June stating the application is complete.
  6. There is a link in the invite email that takes you to a list of dates. They are on Saturdays in October and November. Stats: cGPA: 3.77 Last 60 units: 3.9 Pre-requisite GPA: 4.0 PCE: 22,000 hours Volunteer: 415 hours Letters of Reference: 1 MD, 2 PA's, 1 science professor, 1 former supervisor Shadowing Hours: 100 (in person and virtual)
  7. Yep, they said November again this year. The wait will be a challenge but something to look forward to! Best of luck on your interview! I bet you will do amazing!
  8. Received an interview invite today! Hoping to "meet" some of you!
  9. I say this with caution, but I feel it went VERY well! Really connected with the interviewers.. Felt like I was talking to friends. Had fun answering the questions. Literally, just be yourself and you will do fine!
  10. Hi Guys, Received an interview invite today! Was given the option of 9/18 and 11/6. I chose 11/6 because I have 2 other interviews scheduled for the week before 9/18. Want to space them out a bit lol. Looking forward to "meeting" some of you on 11/6! Cheers
  11. Received an interview invite today. Scheduled for 9/17. Hoping to "meet" some of you!
  12. Received an interview invite for Tacoma! So grateful and excited!
  13. Good to know they're sending out interview invites. Remaining hopeful. Submitted on 5/21/2021.
  14. I'm on 9/13. Im excited yet nervous. I tend to be nervous about MMI style.
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