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  1. There are several members on there that are current first year students as well ! Keep the hope up and keeping my fingers crossed for y’all.
  2. There is a group exercise that they present an issue/problem and you talk to your group members about what you should do.
  3. Interview advice : be yourself !! That’s what they want to see. There were several presentations before the actual interview that helped me relax a little. All of the faculty were so welcoming and friendly. They even prayed for us before we started! Don’t rush to answer something right away and spit something out. Really think about what you’re saying. Take some deep breaths and believe in yourself, you deserve to be here !! Good luck to all.
  4. I got the call today !! I can’t wait to meet y’all !
  5. I know you are going crazy waiting to hear ! Good luck !!
  6. Has anyone gotten accepted that had an interview ?
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