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  1. Does anyone know if other programs MD/DO/PT/OT have similar requirements on the "age" of the courses (or is this primarily a PA program requirement)?
  2. Is anyone who has interviewed able to state if they were able to take notes during the MMI? Also, did they explain how many stations or scenarios would be presented? If you cannot say, I totally understand!
  3. When you say the interview portion, do you mean there is another portion?
  4. I haven't heard either! My supplemental was received July 24th. I emailed them once as well with no response.
  5. Not yet! Fingers Crossed! Also, if anyone is interested in setting up a mock interview with me for practice, please let me know!
  6. Has anyone received interview invites lately? I see a wave went out around July 19th.
  7. Anyone interested in working together on mock interviews to prepare? Message me directly! We've got this!
  8. Congratulations to everyone who has applied, has been accepted, and will be interviewing! Sorry to hear about everyone who was rejected (me too). It's okay! It happens! Onward and upward!
  9. Has anyone who interviewed around the 6th through the 16th received a rejection notice?
  10. You all are doing great! Here's to the weekend we had of learning, loving, and relaxing (or working and serving or whatever else anyone did). I hope you have each enjoyed the deep breathing, soul reading, and sport living. My oldest niece graduated this weekend. Talk about a unique experience. Y'all have a great night's rest! We've got this.
  11. Finished my supplemental application yesterday. Good luck to everyone! @sydneyqweber I imagine there is still a chance. When did you submit everything? Did you contact your counselor? Good luck!
  12. I submitted my GRE scores last week, and noted they were received yesterday. Has anyone interviewed or been accepted yet? Good luck to all!
  13. Hello, all! I have not read through all of the messages. I have received an interview invite some time back. I hope you all are ready for a great year!
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