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  1. Each school has two interview dates then they have one mixed bag group at the very end
  2. I’m on the waitlist to interview, but I’m not going to interview even if I get off the waitlist because I have been accepted to my top choice. Good luck everyone!
  3. Yep, I got the call from Quinte at 1:30ish
  4. I got an interview invite for next Saturday today? I totally thought I was getting a rejection.
  5. Anyone who interviewed today want to dm me?
  6. I applied in mid-May, sent updated transcript early June and had my application confirmed in early June as well
  7. I got an interview invite as well! 3.5 GPA, 309 GRE, 4000 clinical hours as CNA in dementia unit and 400 hours as CNA in long term care
  8. They asked us not to give out details so everyone comes in as blind as possible. I will say this has been my most challenging interview process thus far. For me, it was hard to give unique answers and the way it’s set up makes it hard to know which parts you are being evaluated on and which parts you can be “at ease”... at least for me, which take with a grain of salt because I am very neurotic lol.
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