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  1. I ran into the same problem. I had to update the section where it said "years attended" to reflect that I had attended the school in 2021. Hope this solves the problem!
  2. Just my two cents because I received the same email. I would imagine the amount of people who would not like to remain on the waitlist is pretty low. I would think admissions would receive a large influx of emails from those who want to remain on the waitlist, and a small portion of emails from those who do not want to remain on the waitlist. From the image above that was pretty late in last years cycle, and at that point they had a smaller waitlist (because of acceptances of students to other programs) so the amount of responses would be quite a lot less. This is all however j
  3. https://www.utsouthwestern.edu/education/school-of-health-professions/programs/physician-assistant-studies/frequently-asked-questions.html The information is under the sub-tab labeled interviews.
  4. It varies from school to school, however looking specifically at the previous UNTHSC forum from last years cycle, it seems that they would normally have sent the first round of interview invites out by now. As of now we can only speculate what is happening. Whomever is selected for an interview that is on this forum will more than likely state they received one, and with the amount of people who have replied to this thread, I would imagine that if they have sent out any interviews at least someone would have received one and would have posted it. - Isn't the anticipation marvelous?
  5. It took 2 weeks to the day for mine to be graded/sent. On your account page it'll change to say "Completed-Score delivered." Depending on the volume of tests that are taken the website states it should take 2-3 weeks for the test to be graded and scores to be sent.
  6. No worries! Also don't get down on yourself. If you look at the past forums they offer many interview slots over the course of the application cycle. Reading through the various forums we feel that there is this timeline and that we really need to abide by it - and sometimes we end up putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves, and regardless once we submit our application it is inevitably out of our hands. Yes, they do have rolling admissions, however as long as you're working toward getting it done and using your time wisely you'll finish it in time! Good luck! @lilPACc
  7. Hey there!, They do not have a supplemental application aside from the questions that are already implemented into the CASPA application. However, once you have submitted your CASPA application (and its been verified) and they have received your CASPer scores you will get a confirmation e-mail, then all you will need to do is pay the application processing fee which they will provide the link for in an e-mail. Once the application processing fee has been received by UNTHSC (usually takes between 24-48 hours), you will receive an e-mail from them with "Application Complete/Under
  8. Howdy, For me personally I paid the fee on 5/20 in the late afternoon and then received the confirmation e-mail for under review on 5/21 around 10:00 AM. Good Luck!
  9. Hi there @cdciemo13. When I submitted my application it was approximately 10:00 AM in the morning on 5/19, and I received the confirmation e-mail on 5/20 at 11:45 AM. Hope this helps!
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