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  1. No, I have been accepted and paid my seat deposit but have not heard anything about next steps...
  2. Interviewing tomorrow! Very excited Hopefully I hear back as quickly as some of you guys!
  3. I was verified mid-June and received the "finished screening" email mid-September. I'm still waiting to hear back, so I'm thinking they passed up my application and I'll most likely receive a rejection But yeah I was curious about the relatively low number of people who have posted about getting an interview. I'm from Wisconsin, and I applied to a lot of schools out west and have been rejected from all of them so far (including U of Utah), and meanwhile I've gotten interviews at several schools on the east coast...I'm not sure if that's coincidence or if these "out west" schools aren't fond
  4. Hey congrats on the interview! Just wondering if you could tell me when you submitted? And are you from Utah?
  5. Oh so is the individual interview just you and a faculty member? I already had one interview, and it was a panel style interview with three students and two faculty where we took turns answering questions...I didn't really like that style of interview and having other students listen to my responses (it just increased my anxiety). They also only asked really specific questions which I didn't really like. I guess I'm just hoping this interview will be better. Thanks for your feedback and advice
  6. That's a good idea, I'll probably do that. Thank you, that makes me feel a lot better!
  7. Is anyone else with an upcoming interview nervous that wifi will cut out/they will experience technical issues? My wifi at home isn't terrible but it's not perfect either. Did anyone who has interviewed already experience any issues / do you have any advice for preventing issues? Thanks.
  8. Congrats!! Would you mind sharing when you submitted and some of your stats? I haven't heard anything since I got an email in August confirming my preliminary coursework was complete.
  9. Has anyone gotten a rejection? Has anyone reached out to the program to ask for an update? I submitted my application at the end of July and haven't heard anything since, so I'm just wondering if it would be beneficial to reach out. I've been told by some people never to ask for an update, but in the email I received saying my app was under review, Cody said "don't hesitate to reach out" so wondering if he really meant it lol...
  10. I received this email on 9/18, and I haven't heard anything since. I'm betting things are just moving a bit slower this year. "We have finished screening your application and we will now begin the scoring process. After your application is scored, we will update you if you qualify for an interview. We interview approximately 120 applicants per year. After October 1st, all qualified applicants are ranked. Shortly thereafter, we will send out interview invitations. Interviews are held in November and candidates are notified if they will be interviewing in October."
  11. Ok, no problem. Do you remeber if they referenced your application at all during the interview? Like did they seem to already know stuff about you? Also would you be able to tell me whether it was a traditional or MMI format? Seems like it's more traditional but I'm not sure. Thanks!
  12. Hey thanks for the words of encouragement! Wondering if you could just tell me whether the interviews are open or closed-file?
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