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  1. I gave up my seat today to attend a program in my home state. I am anguished to have to decline this spot, dream program! Wish you all the best!
  2. I received a call yesterday asking if I would like to remain on the active applicant list so don't lose hope yet! I removed myself from the applicant pool as I have an acceptance elsewhere.
  3. I received a rejection email this morning. Good luck to everyone else!
  4. Nothing yet. I believe Mr. Largue told me to expect an email this coming week with instructions. Update: I received the offer email 12/13 but have declined my seat. It was a hard decision to make! This school and location was at the top of my list but I'm declining to attend an in-state school. I'm an out-of-state applicant so I was surprised to received an offer. Good luck to all of you!
  5. I received an acceptance call today! From my interview on 11/6.
  6. Hello! Just an FYI: I applied 07/20 and received my rejection email today. (I never received a secondary review email or an interview invite.)
  7. cGPA: 3.72sGPA: 3.78PCE: 4,758 hrs (ER scribe, CNA at SNF and home for children with severe developmental disabilities)HCE: 13,588 hrs (Human services, ILST)Shadowing: 39 hrs (31 w/ PA)Volunteer: 92 hrs
  8. I got an interview invite this morning as well but will be declining. I applied 8/28.
  9. I received an interview invitation yesterday but declined due to acceptance elsewhere. I applied July 17. Good luck everyone!
  10. I requested like 2 weeks ago now. Still pending.
  11. Sure but I am a non-traditional applicant (10 years out of undergrad) so keep that in mind: cGPA: 3.72 sGPA: 3.78 PCE: 4,758 hrs HCE: 13,588 hrs Shadowing: 39 hrs (31 w/ PA) Volunteer: 92 hrs
  12. I was pulled off the waitlist Friday and offered a seat in this program. I had already submitted a deposit to another school but will forfeit my seat there to stay in state and go to CMU! I am looking forward to meeting the rest of the class
  13. I applied on 8/19 and received an interview invitation on 10/21. I couldn't do the interview date they gave me (11/13) so they were willing postpone to 12/9. Regarding the 12/9 interview date, the email stated, "If there are no remaining seats after our November session I will notify you that the interview will be for wait list only". I actually ended up withdrawing from the 12/9 interview because of acceptance elsewhere but it sounds like their interviews and seats would possibly still be available into December.
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