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  1. Got the call from Desi today!! Can’t wait to meet you all!
  2. Is the full-day interview pretty intense? Haha. I received my interview invite a couple of weeks ago for the end of this month. The only interviews I've done have been about 30 minutes in length, so this will be so different!
  3. @aprepa96 Nope! I'm guessing the earliest I hear anything will be at the 2 week mark. But I'm prepared to not hear anything until May haha
  4. @aprepa96I feel like it went pretty okay! I felt good at the end of it. How was your interview?? They told us the same thing during the virtual tour. I'm guessing they want to interview another group or 2 before they fill the class, so I think they said May just to give themselves time to weigh all options. But I wouldn't be surprised if we might hear something before that! Hopefully haha
  5. Thanks! One of the transcripts was sent as a paper copy. The second transcript that needs to be verified and is only 1 class...and it’s not even a prereq for Clarkson. I left a voicemail with CU to see if they even need that last transcript since that class isn’t a prereq. We’ll see! And thank you for the help!
  6. Did anyone have any issues with sending in updated official transcripts to the program? I know they want it sent to the address, but I'm curious if anyone was able to send them electronically? One transcript I have to submit isn't doing physical copies due to COVID.
  7. Congrats on the invite! I received mine last Monday as well. I'm interviewing the 19th. I didn't realize the interview slots were only 30 minutes long. I'm guessing that means they really just want to get a good glimpse at who we are and why we want to attend their program. I'm wondering if the interviews actually last longer than 30 minutes?
  8. Congrats! Do you mind me asking when you applied? I applied super late in the cycle, so I’m just wanting to gage if I have any chance of even being considered haha
  9. Anyone hear anything in January yet? I do know they have so much to go through, but the anticipation is getting to me haha
  10. What email address did you use to contact them? I'm seeing a couple, but just want to make sure that I'm not sending it to the Pennsylvania office!
  11. Once the supplemental application is submitted, did you guys get any confirmation that it was received?
  12. I know their deadline is March 1, but do you think it is still worth it to apply? I recently watched an info session on this program and really like it. I just don't want to be too late and wonder if next cycle is better. Any other late applicants for this program?
  13. So it’s sounding like a lot of people didn’t get confirmation emails, yeah? I haven’t, but I just want to make sure they got my Casper results haha
  14. Also...do we know if they’re sending rejections on the 18th as well? Just so I know whether or not to be excited before I open an email from them haha
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