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  1. Hi all! Submitted CASPA 6/22 Verified 6/27 Received link for secondary application today 6/30
  2. Hi everyone! I submitted CASPA 6/22 Verified 6/27 UNR sent secondary evaluation 6/29 and I submitted same day Good luck!
  3. Hi everyone! Submitted on 6/22 Verified on 6/27 JWU sent me a confirmation letter the day I submitted (6/22). Good luck
  4. Hi everyone! Submitted on 6/22 Verified on 6/27 Received a confirmation letter from Center City on the day I submitted (6/22). Have not received a confirmation letter from the other 2 campuses but I'm guessing I will receive it later as I was just verified today. GL!
  5. Thank you so much for the response! Will definitely do that
  6. Hi all! I haven't heard a response from staff yet, but I had a question regarding the healthcare experience form. Their form states to verify 1,000 hours of healthcare experience, but do we have to fill out this form for other healthcare jobs that we haven't worked the 1,000 hours yet? I work 2 healthcare jobs, had my first job verified for the hours, the second one only started about 6 months ago so I'm not quite there yet. Thanks for the help in advance!
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