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  1. Thank you so much for letting us know. For us still on the waitlist, it helps to know there is still movement. Fingers crossed!
  2. Congrats!!! The wait is so hard! Is there anything you did to improve your chances or just continued to wait it out?
  3. I know some have because I was told they were waiting on deposits but I myself have not been pulled off of it yet keep faith.
  4. That’s fantastic, congrats! May I ask where you accepted a seat at?
  5. Has anyone heard if anyone has come off of the Top tier waitlist? I took a look at their c/o 2023 Facebook page and it has 52 members currently (max class size). Still hoping...
  6. This is my third time applying (unfortunately). They do offer feedback and advice on how to improve. I was flat out rejected the first time too. It’s hard to say chin up as these processes are so draining!
  7. There may still be interviews into October, I was only stating what was in my email. Not saying everyone that received an email today will make their deposit...sorry if that was misleading.
  8. Top tier waitlist also.....so bummed! For everyone else, my email states all seats are filled
  9. Yes, radio silence here too. I’ve been checking my phone like a crazy person. I was hoping for news today also, but the day isn’t over yet.......
  10. Not yet, I was told they were meeting “later in the week” to discuss. So hopefully soon.
  11. Thanks! It was very nice meeting everyone and hope to be apart of the next cohort, best of luck!
  12. Thank you! I sincerely hope you all hear something soon!
  13. I received an invite to interview for Monday....talk about nerves!!! I am a third time applicant so I hope this is my year! My file was complete on 7/23.
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