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  1. Question- do you work full or part-time?? I am looking to take a chemistry class with them this summer but I am nervous because I work full-time!
  2. I will definitely look into that. Thank you so much!
  3. I'm looking to retake the second general chemistry course asynchronously online over the summer. I've found many of the universities in my state (NC) don't offer this. 1. Is it frowned upon by PA programs to randomly take a class like this at a university that I have absolutely no affiliation/relation to? 2. Any suggestions of universities that offer this type of class? Thanks!
  4. I printed it and had it filled out by hand then scanned it
  5. When I was looking into the dual program, I believe I was told 6 people are accepted to the dual program. I can't say for sure that number is right but very small, nevertheless.
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