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  1. Thank you everyone! Don’t lose hope, you will all make great PAs at the right school for you if you keep pursuing it. I’m pretty sure this was their last round of interviews (mine was 3/12/21) and they only had 2 spots left when we had 10 applicants.
  2. Yes I know they’ve accepted most of the class and personally know one who was accepted. It’s really competitive for a first year school due to the location.... I’m not too confident my interview will be for anything except waitlist
  3. They sent my invite out when I posted that comment. Yes it is for the class starting this fall, unless they do not get granted accreditation. They have most of their class already accepted since they have been doing interviews since earlier late 2020 from what I know.
  4. Do any accepted or waitlist students mind posting their stats? I'm interested to know the types of students they are interested in if possible.
  5. Congratulations to all accepted! Am curious to know if the class is filled? Was this school one with a rolling admissions process? Thanks in advance.
  6. Do you guys recall if they said only accepted students would get a call and we would get emails with our estimated waitlist spots? Or do you think we will have to ask for the rank?
  7. I don’t think so... I didn’t receive it either
  8. Hi! Did everyone get their interview email for tomorrow for group A? She said it was going out at 6pm CST but I still haven’t received mine
  9. Yes we just got one today. But I am VERY concerned as the agenda now states for group A 11/11/20 that the start time is 12pm CST; however, it was previously listed on the website interview info as 1pm CST! Any one else noticing this and/or in a hard spot??? I do not know if my employer will let me change the time off I can get.
  10. Did you also get the email at about 10am EST?
  11. I’m in the same boat as you! I interviewed first block in June... feeling like if we haven’t heard back it could be anything still... also wondering if the waitlist email at 10am eastern time will come for me at my PST 10am
  12. Did the waitlist emails state anything specific about how the waitlist works ? Ie ranked or they revisit applicants as spots open up?
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