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  1. I received an email with the zoom links a day before the interview. Congrats and good luck on your interview!
  2. Received my secondary email today! Intial email was sent 05/26.
  3. Hey everyone, for this school under that website used to fill out additional information does anyone have an option to load unofficial transcripts?
  4. Yeah i thought the instructions would be emailed as well. My only concern is about holding the spot in the time frame they gave. I'm super excited to hear more from them as well
  5. Received my rejection post-interview earlier today. Seems like this wasn't the place for me. Good luck to everyone else applying!
  6. Congrats to everyone who received their acceptance!!! Has anyone received further instructions after the acceptance call?
  7. I'm sorry to hear this and wish you good luck with other programs! Was the rejection through email?
  8. Under there FAQs it says they send out both but they domt give a timeframe for rejection emails
  9. Very tedious. I transferred where it seemed appropriate and added new info to any question that wasn't addressed on CASPA.
  10. Congratulations!! Goodluck with the interview! Are you concerned about the program getting Accredation-Provisional?
  11. Congrats! When did they verify your application?
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