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  1. Has anyone that put a deposit down heard anything since then?
  2. I’m also planning on attending but I’m not sure if there’s a group chat yet. I haven't heard anything since I put my deposit down and confirmed my acceptance. Congratulations on your acceptance!!!
  3. Did anyone get a confirmation email after scheduling their interview time slot?
  4. Congrats! Hoping they will continue to pull off the active applicant list as time goes on. Happy with my current choice (and blessed to have choices!) but still holding out hope for Wake
  5. Hi! Curious if you can touch on the quality of clinical sites! I know they are all within the Albany Medical Health System, which I think is awesome. I love how many different core rotations you get as well as electives, though worry about how short each clinical is at only 4 weeks (compared to 5 or 6 at some other schools). Is there anything back then you thought the school needed to improve on/was the program quick to respond if you or a classmate had an issue at a clinical site? Lastly curious about what it's like living in Albany, I'm good with the winters but unsure about the culture of the city. I visited prior to COVID on a nice day on the weekend and the city seemed really quiet, it was a bit odd! And thank you in advance for being willing to answer questions!
  6. Turning down my Midwestern acceptance, I hope this opens up an opportunity for someone else! Best of luck to all
  7. What time did you get your call? And congratulations!!!
  8. Omg congrats!!! I’m going to be glued to my phone fingers crossed
  9. Yeah I got that email too! Not worried, it seems standard
  10. Gave up my interview spot today, hope that opened something up for someone else!
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