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  1. I just got an acceptance email to NJ campus!
  2. Yes, I believe you have to unless in the masters degree is from gw
  3. I emailed the school about information for the drug screening and background check and they said it does not have to be done before the 10/14 interview and they will discuss it at the interview.
  4. HI everyone! I have had an interview to this program. The way it was set up in the past was everyone gathered in one room. They then divided everyone into 3 different groups. One group had a writing sample that asked an ethical question, one group went on a tour with a prior student, one group had their interviews (solo- not as a group). In the interview room there were 2 faculty members and one previous student of the program. They each took turns asking pre-determined questions. I am assuming the interviews will be a similar format with the three "faculty" members, although in the past it was rolling admissions and this year it is not. Hope this helps. Best of luck to everyone!
  5. Yup I interviewed and have not heard anything. Has there been any rejections yet?
  6. I received an interview invite for 7/17 yesterday! Drexel sent the email of receiving my application on 5/19. I know that sharing this info has helped me a lot with my expectations for other schools....hopes this helps someone else....
  7. Me too. I just received the rejection. Sad, but hopefully ill find new opportunities.
  8. Since i submitted and was verified so "long" ago, I am pretty much assuming that I will be rejected but am still nervous to get the email ! Such an amazing program with few other options for my current circumstances. Trying to focus on my long term goal of being a PA vs the school I attend to get me to that goal.
  9. Yay!!! Wishing you the best of luck in getting an interview!!!!!
  10. I love how you brought in the idea of collaboration and team work- qualities that are so important to the PA profession. I completely agree that what we say is public and even more so how we say it can be interpreted in so many different ways. But i do think that communicating a frustration (in an appropriate way) is part of supporting and forums. Like you said, we all get frustrated and the forums helps us through such a process. Thank you for the reminder of etiquette and for bringing us back to the purpose of our forum to support each other getting into school. I remember awhile back in the forum there was some talk about what people were doing to keep themselves busy during the waiting time....Any new people have good suggestions????
  11. @hhk213 I am pretty sure that this is only the second round of interviews for early admissions (before June 1). Yale is really good at having a holistic approach and I think I heard them say that they will continue to look at applications until the deadline. So don't worry---I don't think your too late to apply
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