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  1. Essay Questions... I stated in my personal statement why I want to become a PA. Did you just restate this in the question portion?
  2. Sorry if this has been asked Does anyone know once PA school is complete, what GS position do you qualify for with the VA?
  3. Heyy! my husband is also AF. But he’s communications!! How do you like the biochem course??
  4. Anyone take biochem at UCSanDiego?? Tell me the good bad ugly ??
  5. For those who have already applied. Did you restate from your personal statement to the Yale questions ?
  6. Resume Question: Since everything is already inputted in to CASPA: Volunteer, Experience, Leadership, ETC. Did you change anything for the resume you have to upload? I have a resumes that I continue to update for jobs, but curious if I should change it.
  7. Maybe a DUMB question, but can I submit the app before the evaluations are in? Also, how much studying should go in to the casper?
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