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  1. Well I'm not if this helps in any way but Stony Brook was one of the last few programs that I applied to because I was focusing on programs that were closer to home. I didn't submit my CASPA application to Stony Brook until July 1st and was invited to the interview in September. So I don't think the notion that the school aren't reviewing applications past June is entirely true since there is still the October and November (?) interview dates.
  2. I just heard back from two of the schools that I applied to and both rejected me on the basis that I did not meet the unit requirements for the programs. Since I graduated from a University that implement quarter system, all/most of my courses were completed at 4 units. However, most PA schools uses the semester unit metrics so they required that all the prerequisite be 3 semester units. I looked up and 4 quarter units is equivalent to 2.66 semester units. I have discussed this problem with my friends who went to the same institution and got into Med, DO, Dental, and Pharm schools. All my frie
  3. Thank you KortneyDaly. Hopefully that is the case. I am just a bit uneasy because it did state the "supplemental information required" part since I just heard back from some schools this week that I did not submit their supplemental applications. I was in a similar situation where further information on that was very well hidden away and was easily missed.
  4. Where do you find the supplemental application? I read on the website that "There is supplemental information required" but I could not find any other information about what it is and where to find it. I also checked the previous year and it doesn't seem like anyone else was having problem finding it. So I am not really sure where I am looking wrong. Please help
  5. Thanks Chris14, Ill check out the schools you’ve mentioned. But the problem with looking for other options is that when I was checking the requirements on the school program page, all they mentioned was 8 semester units of biology. Thats it. There was no mentioning of anything else about labs or whats not until I was filing out the prerequisites portion on CASPA that they specifically mentioned “Biological Sciences (Should be comprised of laboratory components and are sequenced for majors in human biology).”
  6. I am so bummed out that after all the preparations, it seems like I won't be able to apply at all this cycle. When checking on the program websites, all they listed for the prerequisite is 8 units of biology... But when filling out CASPA prerequisite section, most school asked me to provide "Biological sciences (should be comprised of courses with laboratory components and that are sequenced for majors in human biology)." I am not sure if I am understanding it correctly, but it seems that the "sequenced biology" courses are referred to "general/lower division" courses. However, I went to UC Ir
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