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  1. Hey y'all I have my interview 7/17 any tips this is my first virtual zoom interview and I am nervous about the group interview (talking over others/lagging/also speaking up to get your voice across). Also What did yall wear? I feel like i've watched their welcome videos 10 times! (Hopefully we could be future classmates)! congrats to those who got in!
  2. saw on facebook people were getting interviews already! good luck to those interviewing!!
  3. I attended the "virtual open house", nothing really new to learn. I did learn that they do have virtual lectures with the other campus if they have a good speaker etc. Someone asked in the chat if they were behind to covid (like 23 ppl liked that question too) but they said they werent behind on apps. Submitted my supplemental (just the $25.00 on the portal) blank unchecked PA LOR box (but im assuming they'll pull that from our CASPA LOR) So now we wait!! good luck again to everyone!
  4. HEY yall! I did not see a thread yet for this upcoming cycle!! I just submitted my CASPA 7/1 and mailing supp 7/3 third year re-applicant GOOD LUCK to everyone!
  5. I saw other pre-pas on facebook posting they received interviews yesterday! good luck to those!
  6. Thank you so much! youre so sweet! good luck to you this cycle! you can do it!
  7. I have not heard anything yet..its been kinda dead makes me nervous!!
  8. I applied 6/3 and still have not heard anything, just makes me nervous cause I keep seeing others with interviews/acceptances at various programs that opened the same/date/time! GOOD LUCK everyone! lets keep our heads up!
  9. Good luck on your interviews! (I still haven't heard anything back from them yet, getting nervous)
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