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  1. There are less than 30 students in the Facebook group and I believe HPU is still planning on admitting 55! So seems as if there are still plenty of seats
  2. Received my acceptance call earlier this week from the 11/13 interview. I'm so excited to meet my future cohort! Best of luck to those with interviews to come, you will get in exactly where you're meant to go! Wishing you all nothing but the best
  3. Hi guys! Congratulations to all of you who were accepted! Does anyone care to share any tips for the individual interview or give some insight for the interview style (behavioral, traditional, etc)? TIA!
  4. Perfect!! Thank you so much for relaying that info. Looks like I’ll be seeing ya tomorrow Best of luck!!
  5. Hi guys! I'm interviewing tomorrow (11/5) and received an email from Michelle Spence on Monday morning that I would be receiving my individual interview link within 24 hours. It has now been 48. Should I contact her or have the other 11/5 interviewees not received this link yet either?
  6. I hope the interview went smoothly for those who interviewed today! Did Chatham mention when we should expect to hear about decisions?
  7. Hey there! I submitted my app around the same time you did and similarly never received a confirmation. I'm assuming since we submitted later in the cycle they may just be super backed up. But fingers crossed we hear from them soon!
  8. Does anyone have any insight regarding the interview format (apart from it being two 15-minute individual interviews)? I looked back in the forum for previous years and didn't find much info!
  9. I totally agree with all of those points! I was just asking because HPU is my top choice, so if I'm lucky enough to get in I believe it's where I will be attending. Just trying to get a better sense of the area from someone who is personally from the High Point area. Can't always trust what ya find through a Google search!
  10. Thank you so much for your response! That's definitely the impression that I was getting. Very good information to know moving forward Best of luck to you!!
  11. Figured I'd share an update for the other applicants since this forum is pretty sparse. I received an invitation to interview via phone call for mid November and was told that they are now conducting in-person interviews! I was definitely caught off guard by this but am ECSTATIC for the chance to see the facilities in person Does anyone from NC care to share any info regarding the surrounding area of HPU? Is it a fairly safe area to live? TIA
  12. Congratulations!! Were you notified by email or with a phone call?
  13. Sure! I know a lot of people say this, but this process has taught me that it is definitely true- don't focus too much on comparing stats. I've been outright rejected by programs that have ended up accepting applicants with stats very similar to mine. 3.94 cGPA, 2k PCE hours as a CNA, 305 GRE, 100 shadowing & around 150 volunteer hours (out-of-state applicant). Notified of invite by email! It is still SUPER early in Elon's process. So there's still plenty of hope for everyone! Best of luck to everyone this cycle, I know we will all make great PAs!!
  14. Also received an interview invite this morning, super excited!! Submitted mid September
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