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  1. Got my phone call yesterday! Accepted to the PA/MPH program!
  2. Not yet but they did say it could take 2-3 business days. So if I don’t hear anything by the end of the week I might reach out to them.
  3. Sure! cGPA: 3.7 sGPA: 3.5 GRE: 311 (151 Q, 160 V, 4 AWA) PCE: 1260 as a phlebotomist HCE: 500 (PCA and Ortho receptionist) Volunteer: 300+ Shadowing: 100 (ER and Ortho practice) Extra curriculars/leadership: treasurer of pre-PA club, VP of sorority 2 years, TA for 1 semester, research for 3 semesters, etc.
  4. Update! Received confirmation of application 5/25 Interview invite today 6/2
  5. Lol okay so literally 10 minutes after I posted they emailed my confirmation.
  6. Submitted 5/12 Verified 5/13 Still no confirmation but I got an email from Tufts that was “not specific to my application” and it was a reminder to submit everything on time. I submitted everything they need though (verified CASPA, transcripts, test scores, all LOR, payment) so I’m a bit confused. Anyone else?
  7. Submitted 5/12 Verified 5/13 Received completed email 5/13 Interview invite 5/20 good luck everyone!
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