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  1. Good evening guys, hope everyone is well. During this Covid pandemic, I was able to finally finish my associates in science at a community college. I currently have a 3.6 GPA and have finished many science and math courses which include, gen bios, gen chems, A&P's, statistics, pre calc, and many other required courses like English, psychology.. etc.. My associates is in Science and i was planning on receiving a Bachelor's in Biology but i am scared about the future. I'm scared i won't get accepted in to a PA program because of a lowered GPA due to heavy work load courses coming in the future like OChem, Physics, Calculus, Genetics that are required for a Biology degree. Then i'll graduate with a below average GPA and be left with a bachelor's in a degree that people love to call worthless unless going in to medicine. What should i do? I have about a month to apply at a few universities before the deadline of the next semester. I want to become a Physician Assistant and im scared a hard degree like Biology will ruin that for me. Is it possible to choose another bachelors besides Biology with the Associates in science that i currently have? Since we are in "lockdown" and schools are closed i have not been able to properly talk to an advisor. This subject has been tormenting me for the past few weeks, someone please help me.
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