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  1. I also had a question about that requirement. I took a course and the title was "From Molecules to Cells" and it is categorized under Cellular and Molecular Biology in CASPA. It is a 200 level course. Do you think it would fulfill the Cell Biology requirement?
  2. Did you email them to ask if they would be increasing the class size?
  3. I’m in the same boat! I interviewed the first date in June and have not heard a single thing. I think mid-October last year they sent out waitlist updates so hopefully we’ll hear something soon!
  4. Does anyone know what the group interview is like? I would assume it would be difficult to do an activity virtually but other schools have done it so I was just curious. Congrats to everyone who received an interview invite!
  5. Hi all, I am a prospective RVU PA student and have received an interview for this year. I noticed a lot of people saying they had talked to current RVU students who were having a hard time with getting clinical rotations and felt they did not have suppport from the university. I was wondering if any of the current students on this thread had experienced that. I know RVU is a newer program so I would expect there are still some things to fix but just wanted to know how anyone has felt about their time at RVU in general. Any information would be great!
  6. I got the email that my application was under review back in June (June 5) and I haven’t received an email with the 10 digit ID. Do you think I should email them? Or is that too forward?
  7. On the website it says interview invites will start being sent out in June, so most likely next week!
  8. I thought I would start this thread! Good luck to everyone
  9. I emailed Cristina at George Fox regarding the preceptors and the interviews and here is the information I received. "Clinical preceptors have been secured as required for our accreditation, but we will always be open to adding new community partners in domains and locations of interest to our students. Geographically these rotations will be in various parts of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana. You may have seen from our Admissions webpage that our first interview day is June 29th. Invitations will be sent out June 8th. All applicants will be notified of the statu
  10. That's really good to know! I haven't seen any changes to their interview schedule yet but my guess is they will move them to a Zoom style or push them back.
  11. Well that's good information! At the information session did they mention if they had their clinical preceptors solidified? I think that would be my biggest concern. Otherwise the religious affiliation doesn't bother me as long as everything is science based.
  12. Do you know much about the Newberg area? It seems very small from what I can tell but I've never been up there
  13. I didn't realize it is new, thank you! I might take my chances then, maybe they'll be lenient due to covid
  14. For those who received an interview/were accepted last year, I was wondering if you took the PA-CAT? I know they say its "highly recommended" but I don't think I'm going to take it this year. I'm not sure if it's worth applying without taking it?
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