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  1. Got my acceptance call today around 2 pm! It was nice to meet everyone who interviewed with me!
  2. Sorry this wasn't directed at me, but hopefully I can answer!!! From my understanding all interviews will be done individually, so each applicant interviews alone. University of Evansville doesn't seem to be doing any kind of group interviews! The student panels will be ~25 students each if I remember correctly, but these panels are not required and are not part of the interview! Hopefully this answered your question!!!
  3. I got my interview invite today as well! I applied and was verified in early June
  4. Okay they sent out more information about interviews! Some applicants will do group interviews on the day of the information session and this is called "Stage One" there are three stages of interviews and your performance in each stage determines whether you move onto the next stage. They said there will be multiple dates for group interviews coming up, so I'm sure more invitations will be going out in the future!
  5. Congrats on your acceptance! Were the interviews there laid back? I read in previous years that the staff is very relaxed during interviews but wanted to be prepared in case they changed things up!
  6. Hi there! I received my follow-up email about an interview today. The title of the email sent to me was "Mercy College of Ohio Virtual Interview Process" and sent me the same date and time for the information session. The email I received says that there will be three additional stages of invites to the virtual interview process. I meant to contact them today because I was a little confused about the stages of invitations, I will update everyone with the answer!
  7. I'm SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! We can all do this!!!!!! I'm so excited to meet all of you guys during the virtual student panels!!!!
  8. I just got my interview invite!!!! I'M SO HAPPY!!!
  9. Hi! Don't stress yourself out too much, Franklin does rolling admissions and seems to be reviewing applications in order they were received! So far it seems like they've been working on May-early June applications so if you applied after that time it's very possible that they haven't reviewed your application yet! From my personal experience if a rolling admissions school reviews your application and does not send an interview invite they will send a follow up email informing you of your status. Don't give up hope!
  10. I personally haven't heard anything back yet! I did talk to someone at Kettering a while ago and they said they don't do the traditional "rolling admissions" but start sending out interviews prior to the deadline. They said that applying before or during August gives you a little advantage, so you are definitely not behind! Good luck!
  11. I also received an interview invite today! Does anyone know if we need to respond to the email to accept the invite? Or should we wait until the update email in a few weeks?
  12. (Completely unrelated) I'm so excited for Monday and I really really hope I get offered an interview here! All you guys on this post are the absolute SWEETEST people I have ever talked to on PA forums, and I would love to have such nice classmates in the future
  13. Don't stress! Make sure to check your junk/spam folder because for some reason a LOT of these kinds of emails are going straight to junk mail! If it isn't in your junk mail and your application/GRE/CASPer scores were sent then I would reach out to Billie! She is so so sweet and helpful, and it may be a minor issue on their end. She would be happy to help you! They also added at the end of the email that they knew it was stressful and they were more than happy to answer any questions!
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