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  1. I accepted an invite to attend another PA program and cancelled my interview on 3/4... I sure hope it goes to another pre-PA hopeful.
  2. No apologies necessary! I cannot imagine the stress you must’ve felt. Glad to know the rest of the interview went well, again, sorry about your sour experience. Wishing you the absolute best in the program you do decide on attending.
  3. @dean227 and @Devinjoelle- I'm so sorry your experiences with SCU left something to be desired, it truly is unfortunate. Regarding the Zoom connectivity and interview scheduling mishaps, we must all try and remember that there is an ongoing pandemic; most schools were not prepared to handle full-time online learning, let alone online interviews which are historically performed in-person. If nothing else, 2020 taught us to have more patience, tolerance, and grace. @Jewels - Well said and thank you for remaining positive. With forums and social media in general, we tend to compare ourselves
  4. Received an interview invite today via email, scheduled for 3/4. FYI, there were 4 other interview slots for that day when I signed up via the portal; it did not look like there were any other interview days available (but they may open them up later?). Best of luck to those with upcoming interviews and still waiting to hear something.
  5. I think that is a great question. As an interviewee, the best responses typically tell your story and show the program who you are as a person/candidate. In my interview, I tried to relate my personal experience and work history to every question regardless of whether it was scenario-based or traditional. Best of luck!
  6. Agree with @EmilyJean. @ajbracken Congrats on being accepted and I wouldn't worry about probation status. SCU has been around for 100 years (formerly LA Chiro College) and is a great, established school within the community. In the FAQs section on the website, under "Accreditation" all your questions are answered in detail by SCU. Here is a direct link.
  7. @Ilenia and @amjchn - Best of luck today! Just relax, take a deep breath, and remember that SCU loved you on paper...now let them get to know you as a person. Be sincere in your responses while showing them your experiences have prepared you well for grad school and as a future PA. You’ve got this!
  8. Great question, honestly I don't know and I did not ask - sorry. My advise, let the interviewers know everything you want them to know about you and your experiences (regardless of prior knowledge of your CV). Best of luck!
  9. @CT150 - congrats and welcome! I’m not sure how to add people to GroupMe but @Rach44 started the group and will be able to direct you.
  10. Rejection email this afternoon, interviewed 1/8. Best of luck to the rest of the candidates still waiting and those who have already received acceptances.
  11. Congrats @ajbracken, welcome to the cohort! A group chat would be great @Rach44, thanks for offering to set that up!
  12. @Acceptedpa - The cost of tuition and fees is fixed at $113,199, here is the direct link. Congratulations @nervousprepa @Rach44 and anyone else who was accepted thus far. I received my acceptance call from Trina yesterday around 5:30 pm MST and couldn't be happier. Looking forward to meeting you all soon!
  13. Congrats all who received acceptances yesterday, you earned it! Thanks @lytran1, that is very helpful!
  14. @patpat702 - Thank you for the good luck wishes! @ajbracken - I'm sure your interview went well, fingers crossed for an acceptance call! @sunrise230 - To answer your earlier question regarding timeframe: the introduction and interview lasted about 1 hour in total (from logging in 30 minutes prior to my scheduled interview to the interview itself). The faculty and staff were all very welcoming and encouraged any and all questions. Just be yourself, you'll do great! Best of luck to everyone else with upcoming interviews!
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