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  1. I haven't received an outstanding requirements email. Here's what I've received so far. Paid supplemental May 27 Received app complete email June 4 Then various emails from BCM regarding their education and value, diversity, and living options
  2. I would recommend speaking with a Baylor PA alumni or current student, as they can probably give you the best idea of what the curriculum is like. Other than that, scouring their website looking at their program details is probably your best bet!! Hope this helps!
  3. So excited for all of y'all, congratulations! So, if I submitted around the same time as some of y'all who got invites, can I pretty much assume I will not be getting an invite since I haven't gotten an email? Do they send out invite emails all at the same time? Good luck to all during Zoom interviews!
  4. Does anyone happen to know about when they will send out interview invites? Good luck to all!
  5. For me it took one day! Paid 5/26, under review 5/27. Anyone know what they mean by extending interviews?
  6. Yes, I did. I attended the online info session last week and they said your results would not affect your application, they are more recommending it so they can gather data and see if they want to use the PA-CAT to replace the GRE in the future. UTMB is my top choice, so I took it since it was recommended!
  7. Verified this AM 5/25!! Anyone received their MyStar yet? Good luck, everyone! Excited for this process.
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