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  1. Does anyone know about how many seats are still available for this cycle? I was waitlisted really early on and havent heard anything back so I'm hoping there are still seats and that there will be good news soon!
  2. If you go to https://www.york.cuny.edu/admissions , there should be an orange box on the top right corner that says documents upload and you should be able to provide the school with your social security card there!
  3. Congrats on your acceptances! I was wondering if your student portals show that you've been accepted to the program and if not, what it says instead. Thanks!
  4. Hi I interviewed on the 24th as well. It was just two one on one traditional interview format which I know is different from their normal MMI format. Good luck!
  5. Would you be able to shed some light on the format and your interview experience from last cycle? Thanks!
  6. Congrats on your acceptance!! Did you interview for just the PA program or dual degree?
  7. I haven't heard anything either. Would you be able to post the facebook link where you saw that two acceptance calls were made? Hopefully we all hear good news from the sept 2nd interview!
  8. Nope not yet! Hope we hear back soon!!
  9. Hi for those who have already interviewed or even accepted, I was wondering if you guys could talk a bit about your interview experience and what the format of it was! Thanks!!
  10. Haven't heard anything yet. So nervous haha
  11. I dont believe so. My counselor never even gave me my mercy ID so I wasn't able to tell my number to admissions/the department who was holding onto my check
  12. My counselor said mine was processed and I saw the money being taken out of my account. However, my portal still doesn't show anything other than the "note from counselor"
  13. Hi, is there anyone else who isn't seeing much on their portal? I don't see any checklist or information regarding my application materials on mine. All I have is a note from my counselor and their contact info...
  14. i just spoke with my designated counselor and she said that they are uploading applications into their system between today and the weekend. We should get our CWID number by Monday!
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