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  1. I’m a physician assistant, who made an error in not listening ALL the non-PA jobs I have EVER held on a job APPLICATION. Not a resume, as that only lists my professional experience. Specifically I didn’t list a scribe position I was fired from because the chief scribe fired me because she was worried her boyfriend was flirting with me. I also didn’t list the retail jobs, the work study jobs, the babysitting gigs I held. Apparently when I applied several years ago for my first PA job I apparently disclosed to this institution the above scribe job on my application. When I applied th
  2. I am a PA with one year of work experience in my field. I work in the inpatient setting and because of a toxic environment, I switched in the middle my one year contract to a different but related team who needed the coverage and would also be opening another position on that team. The hope was that if things went well, I would be the top candidate for the position and could start a new contract with them. Since I switched teams, I have flourished. I have an amazing relationship with the other APP, all of the attendings, the techs and the nurses and I know that I am doing a great job at
  3. This person is a nurse practioner. She is the team leader.
  4. My attending told me to do one thing and the nurse practioner told me to do another. I couldn’t do what they both asked at the same time and make both of them happy, so I did what the attending asked me to and in doing so was considered to be “insubordinate” to the lead APP.
  5. I was told that if the lead APP instructs me on how to clinically manage a patient, I have to follow it regardless of the circumstances. Even if my attending, who is off site, tells me to do something differently.
  6. My supervising physician agreed with me regarding the incident. That even though I handled it differently than the nurse Practioner would have, it was still within the standard of care. HOWEVER I was advised by the PA/NP team boss that regardless of what I was told to do by my attending over the phone (which was opposite what the NP had told me), that I must instead follow the NP because she was the senior, was on site, and also “supervises me clinically”. I was told because I am a new PA, I must ALWAYS do what the nurse Practioner tells me. I was not aware of this and I do not agr
  7. I am a new graduate and have been at my job now at the hospital for 4 months in a high stress speciality. I thought it had been going really well. There is definitely a learning curve but I thought I was doing okay. ANYWAYS, 3 weeks ago, I got in a disagreement with my supervisor (a senior Nurse Practioner). After the incident, I had concerns that she was being retaliatory towards me. Since her supervisor was involved in this disagreement, I had communicated my concerns regarding retaliation against me by my boss as I had noticed definite signs she was all of the sudden after me. There
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