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  1. @ScullyAMA I remember you saying you lived in San Diego. I live in North County (Escondido) SD. Come join the FB group and we can chat more! Glad to have another classmate near me! yay.
  2. Welcome, new classmates! Congratulations! come join us over at "Yale PA Online 2023 Cohort" Facebook page. For others still waiting to hear, do not panic. I remember seeing acceptances in the morning and feeling defeated and crying. I was on the west coast and did not get my call until 6pm PT (that was 9pm for Janie!). Go do something and clear your mind and feel proud of yourself no matter what the outcome is. Head up.
  3. Good luck to all those waiting to hear back this week! Can't wait to welcome new faces into our c/o 2023 Facebook group!
  4. Good luck to all interviewing these next weeks! Hope to meet you on the Facebook page we got going for our class of 2023
  5. Just a little piece of advice no one asked for, but I will share. On the day I was accepted, many got calls in the morning. I did not. I crumbled. I was devastated and cried for hours. Emailed my counselor, and I skipped out on a meeting I had planned on Zoom for something. I was thinking about what this meant for me and my kids and my future and how everything was about to shift and I had to re-group (yes, my mind was a day full of run-on sentences). I spent all day reading this forum and freaking out. Then in the evening, the forum picked up again and still no call for me. As soon as I began to feel proud of myself and think about how I will make this "rejection" a positive in my life and will find a new path and will make it no matter what is when I felt better. I smiled! I was proud of myself and getting it this far. I decided it was 6 pm on the west coast and 9 pm on the east coast, so it was time for me to call it a night and be happy and go for a walk. What would be would be. As soon as I turned off my computer and set my phone aside....my phone rang!!! I couldn't believe it. I was Accepted! I learned a lesson that day. The forum is fantastic, and everyone is so supportive, and it is nice to get information and comfort. On the flip side, it becomes an obsession and may be toxic. I had a horrible mental health day because I kept comparing my journey to others. Again, no one asked for this story, but I will leave it here. Interpret it as you will, and maybe it will make you revisit your actions during the day. Don't let the forum decide how the rest of your day will be like. YOU have the power to determine how you feel and proceed. Rooting for you all and hope to meet many of you next year!
  6. You all have been so helpful answering my questions. Thank you so much! I just wanted to share I just got an ACCEPTANCE call tonight, like just a few minutes ago! I am on the west coast. I feel so blessed. Just as I was walking out my door for walk with my kiddos and nearly passed out. It has been quite the emotional ride today. Can't wait to meet you all in January and for those still waiting, keep your head up.
  7. Hi all. Still hopeful here too. Going for a walk and taking my phone. Any west coasters (PT) got a call today? and so, what time? Congrats to all! What a relief it must be.
  8. My interview dates were July 7and 9. I was curious about time zones because I am on west coast and when they made calls this a.m. it was 7a.m. here and so I was wondering if they did theses later...but it is now 9:30am...
  9. For those accepted, what time zones are you in if I may ask? Just trying to seek out any hope here lol.
  10. Congrats to all you got a call this morning! You will all be amazing PAs. Still no word for me. I'm going through lots of emotions. It is about 8:30am in the West Coast now. For those who got a call, what time zone are you in? Trying to see if I should still be hopeful. Thanks
  11. Just here waiting by my phone between 8-8:30pm (ET) making sure I have reception and loud sound on ...and yes, my heart dropped too when I saw the survey reminder
  12. They have a session from 6-8pm ET also today, so not sure what that means for us as in getting news today or not. It has been somewhat of an all day event they host along with other schools. I am still hoping for some news today... but also trying to stay busy. Hoping I can get good sleep soon.
  13. Anyone else had the worst sleep ever? I kept dreaming and had to wake up to check and was tossing and turning. I really hope we find out today.
  14. Haha. You all crack me up, mostly because the same questions run through my mind. I work on Tuesdsay and I am on the west coast. I think I'll alert all staff in case I frantically run out to answer a phone call Good luck to all of us!
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