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  1. Thanks! I appreciate the detailed response. Makes me feel a little better too. I've just been on edge today reading way too much into things as Yale is the only program I am applying to because of where I live, my kiddos, and my desire to work in primary care. Just gotta be patient now, I've done all I can do. Thanks again and good luck on your interview!
  2. @Abhowe89 thanks for reply! and for notification of under review it was a call or email?
  3. Hello all, Congrats to those who have received an interview! How amazing that must feel! I just got an email today from Yale saying my app is under review. For those who got an interview, do you mind stating if you got a call or email to notify you the app was under review? I know it may not mean anything, but just curious. Shoutout to all other moms here too, really is a great program to be able to keep normalcy for our kids.
  4. Hello, all applicants and perhaps future classmates! California applicant here. I just sent in my CASPA application today (what a relief). Now I am in the verification waiting game. I love this forum so far, useful info, no drama, or stats comparison. Good luck, everyone!
  5. Thanks! mine are all in now and so are my LORs. Just final touches on the supplemental. Probably submit by Friday. Seems like people are getting verified quickly, that's great to hear! Good luck to all.
  6. Hello all! Glad I too found this thread. For those of you who submitted already, did you wait until all transcripts were received? I have all my LORs in, but the transcripts that were not electronic and sent by mail are taking a while. Thanks
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