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  1. I really don’t think that’s the case. I’ve met a few representatives from the program and they seem like great genuine people. I bet there’s just a lot of fantastic applicants to weigh out, like all of us At this point I’m getting my app prepped on CASPA to reapply. I asked a couple of weeks ago if they have any interviews remaining but haven’t heard back. I imagine they’re getting close to spring semester finals right now.
  2. Not April, but I did submit supplemental in late January and haven’t heard back.
  3. Still waiting to hear back for last cycle , but wanted to get things rolling! Good luck everyone.
  4. Last chatted with her a couple of weeks ago. I sent an email this Monday about the new cycle opening to inquire if there still may be another interview in the pipeline or if all interview invitations have been sent out already / if we should just be ready to reapply. I haven’t heard back yet but will let y’all know if I do. P.S. for those that haven’t heard - they’re doing away with the supplemental app this coming cycle; supplemental questions will be included on CASPA.
  5. Maybe you should email them to ask! I would inquire if there are still interview invitations pending, thus should you still complete the supplemental app. I’d be curious what they say.
  6. Dang, right in a row! I had assumed they’d be spread out from now through the beginning of May. Agree. I hope that’s not the end of interview invites Also, holy smokes only 5 days notice guess we need to always be ready
  7. I thought there were only 2 interviews remaining, so I’m actually happy with this news!
  8. Ok no worries, I was just curious if they’d given any insight at the interview. Enjoy celebrating!!
  9. Congratulations!! Did they say at the interview approximately how many seats are filled / remaining? And/or do you know if there’s an incoming PA student Facebook group? Shamelessly trying to snoop how many seats are still in play
  10. Yes I did it for just each school individually, so hopefully that is correct. I had one school where I only took 1 class and my GPA there was 4.0 lol
  11. This helps immensely. I kind of suspected this was the case, but since the admissions rep I communicated with is clearly an authority figure, I didn’t want to insinuate that I thought she was wrong. Thanks so much for responding. Would love to hear from other accepted or waitlisted students as well if any of you could tell me what you counted as your ‘biological sciences’ classes for their prerequisites.
  12. I didn’t do so today but I went on a couple of weeks ago without issue. That’s strange. Maybe because the big PAEA Virtual Fair was yesterday
  13. Hi all! Have a question for anyone who interviewed with or was accepted to this program. Would greatly appreciate some help. Can you tell me what courses you used to fulfill the 8 units of biological sciences? This year I will be a 3rd time applicant but this will be my first time being able to applying to Dominican. I emailed Admissions recently to check if some of my biology coursework would be adequate to cover this requirement; since the college I attended didn't offer a traditional 'Bio I / Bio II' series, I took what I could find lieu of that. I listed to them all the biology
  14. If you google search it’s the first result that pops up. Has links on their page to log in.
  15. You can always pop on to the weekly Touro Talks chats on Thursdays. Naisha will look up your app status.
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