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  1. Yeah just try your best! And i think you should write about something you really believe in! They can tell if your just making it up. I can tell you what I did personally if you message me. All I’ll say tho is that they definitely are an important part of the application they aren’t just having you write them for no reason.
  2. So the program has not mentioned to us how they plan to do it. BUT, after i interviewed and got in they gave us all these modules of anatomy biochem etc that will be on PA-CAT that we had to do and finish exams. It maybe be used to just see where you stand as a bench mark. But sadly they didn’t mention how they plan to use it. However, like i said they approach everything hollistic, if you have decent grades the PA-CAT may not make much a difference but could for lower GPAs etc. I am sorry I wish I could give more
  3. @alphaPA I Can message you guys all my stats and what I did for PCE, volunteer, shadowing etc! we didn’t have to take PA-CAT yes. I do not believe they will weigh it more or less necessarily. SEU does a hollistic approach to admissions so they will value how everything in your application is as a whole. Including their personal essays for the program! In regards to rolling or not. They did not start handing out interviews until November but as they interviewed they would accept people per interview (they did like 8-10 people per interview via zoom last year; which could change).
  4. Hey guys, i will be starting at SEU in August (next month) for my didactic year. Let me know if you have any questions about the application process or the school!
  5. The interview invites were sent through email! I’m not sure about acceptances. I have not had my interview yet. I hope this helps!
  6. Interview invite— yay!! Any insight on what the style or day entails?? Is there group work, writing or 1v1s. Anything is helpful
  7. Just wanted to reach out and say hi everyone! Excited and antsy
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