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  1. Hahahaa it’s a Walmart and some local eats! Nothing fancy-huge college town haha
  2. About 40,000 people. And yes 1 year of training is definitely a plus. I had 3 weeks for family Med and I was on my own lol
  3. Hello all, hope you are all handling the COVID crisis all right. Just wanted to reach out for some quick input and advice! I am currently working in family Med and will be at my one year Mark March 1. I have started to look for other jobs as I would like to switch to a specialty and I haven’t like my job. I got an offer late last week for a GI job in a small town-an hour from home. Great training, half hosp/half clinic, increased pay, and benefits. my concern is the smaller town as it is not my ideal circumstance-currently I am living in one. However, I know I cannot afford
  4. Hello All, I am thinking of applying to a hematology/oncology fellowship. Does anyone have any experience in this? Thank you!
  5. I would agree with this. I shadowed two PAs and did all of my clinical hours before school. I never truly felt the weight of responsibility until I was in it, making all the decisions myself. I am starting to realize I may have to consider other avenues as i was not expecting to hate the anxiety driven responsibility as much as I do. i appreciate all the great conversations and advice everyone!
  6. Regret pursuing less autonomy? Thanks for the input!
  7. I think it’s difficult sometimes as a new grad to understand the level of responsibility that you have to have a as a PA. I guess I should specify that I would like more of a collaborative environment. But what you’re telling me about a new profession has definitely crossed my mind.
  8. Hi all, I am currently a working PA in family med on the job market again. This has been my first job and i manage a clinic by myself. I have learned I really would prefer working under a doc and managing the same patients if possible. Besides surgery, what are the least autonomous specialties? I would appreicated any input!
  9. I hear ya! I’m a newbie and it certainly isn’t like school out there. What specialty are you in? Is there any part you enjoy?
  10. Hi all, you guys are awesome. Thanks for all the good info. i am currently an independent family Med PA-not a great fit. I’ve been doing some thinking and I loved PA school-mostly in didactic and in clinicals when I could collaborate with docs, and I even liked getting pimped with differential questions. And I love studying. this might be an odd question, but do you guys have any insight about more academic specialties? Things with less admin and more complex medicine and collaboration? I’m currently looking for other positions. Thank you! annabanana
  11. That’s awesome! I definitely need to go into something like that.
  12. Ya my boss is an NP and is not the SP written in the contract. They both work somewhere else but my boss is who I’m told to call for questions because my sp doesn’t answer the phone usually
  13. Hey guys, thank you so much for the feedback. I appreciate the advice that really, it’s not supposed to be this way. But it is right now. I actually am looking into going toward a specialty. I also only got 2 weeks of training at the job because of Covid so I’m going to be so careful choosing the next job. do you guys know any specialties that are more collaborative? Thanks! This platform is amazing-just found it this week.
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