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  1. I’ll go ahead and share mine. Here’s my own thoughts on my application. As far as GPA goes, I’m probably average to slightly below average. I feel like experience, LORs, and my PS are what got me to the interview, and then I felt like I had a strong interview. My weak points were definitely shadowing and volunteering. GPA Overall: 3.58 GPA Science: 3.55 GRE: V-159, Q-157, AW-4 Degrees: BSc - Biology & BS Nursing, both from larger state schools PCE - Military OR Nurse, 4600hrs at time of application. Healthcare Experience - RN team lead for neurosurgery and trauma surgery (basically my administrative duties that aren’t direct pt care). ~600hr Non-healthcare, I just put my old college jobs as a personal trainer and working at the wellness center. Volunteer - Stop the Bleed Instructor. 24hr educating public on trauma response and hemorrhage control. Shadowing - None (I work with PAs, NPs, MDs, etc. so I already knew the roles and such) LORs - 2 from a couple of my neurosurgeons, and one from my nursing supervisor. I chose individuals who I have worked with a lot and knew me well, but would also write about my different strengths. That way I wouldn’t have 3 identical letters. Feel free to ask any questions if you have them.
  2. Thanks! I haven’t gotten an email yet. They said they would send it out, but they weren’t sure if it would be before or after thanksgiving break.
  3. Got the acceptance call about 30 minutes after saying I hadn’t heard anything...figured haha! Congrats to everyone else who got the call and good luck to everyone!
  4. Interviewed 11/19, and nothing yet. It’s only been two work days since the interview though, so figure they need more time to meet/discuss candidates from my group.
  5. Quick technical question for those who have interviewed already. I’m interviewing on Nov 19, and was wondering if anyone did the interview using the Zoom app on their phone. My phone has the better camera compared to my tablet/laptop, so I figure the video will be clearer if I use it, but was wondering about the ease of use/accessibility for the MMI style meetings on Zoom. I haven’t used Zoom at all, so just wondering if people have experience with it or have any input. Thanks!
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