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  1. This is a tough choice, because you can make the argument that 4 months early graduation and potential extra salary can almost make up for the 40k difference. I guess it will depend on how much you value the campus experience of school A.
  2. curious what is the other option that you had that could have saved you 30k per year? I am not sure if I would pick any one PA school over another that saves me 30k per year.
  3. Hi there! I am looking to shadow a physician assistant in/near New York City. Currently an EMT-B student and will be applying for the next cycle. I will be willing to volunteer and help out if needed as well! Not sure if there is any openings in NYC, but i thought i'd give it a shot here. Thanks a lot!
  4. I took BIO 1 and 2 with them. I quite like the structure of the class. Exams are not proctored.
  5. i am looking at the site right now. Their tuition looks super cheap!
  6. Hi guys, question about the CAPSA application. i know that CAPSA will be open in April next year, but i am wondering if it matters if you submit it in say, in May, vs in September? Would it make sense to submit it later and earn more PCE hours or not?
  7. Do you mind breaking down the 200k salary? is this something you project to make 10+ years into the derm?
  8. Yes i am aware of it. But i am not sure that factors in bonus, which derms get more than any other specialties.
  9. So i am still in the process of applying to be a PA, but based on what I am hearing from different people, dermatology seems to be the best paid/lifestyle specialty. I read in the forum of people making 200k+ as a derm PA, but this seems too good to be true or maybe it is the case if you are exceptional and have many years of experience? It just seems ridiculous considering some physicians don't even make 200k starting. I want to get a sense of realistically speaking, after 2 years in the job, what is your expected annual salary of 40 hrs/week as a derm PA?
  10. Has anyone here planning or applied only to non-GRE required PA schools? I am not totally against taking the GRE, but i noticed that there are a lot of non-GRE PA schools out there. Wondering if it's worth the time and efforts take the GRE.
  11. Thanks for the all the examples. They are very useful references. Maybe to me, these examples seem more of outliers than actual achievable positions that say, if you were to work hard 10x, 20x years, you have a 30-50% chance getting there.
  12. Generally speaking, the highest position a MD can achieve is probably becoming the director at a hospital. I am wondering what is the highest position a PA can achieve?
  13. thats what i was suspecting too. Don't get me wrong, I think PhD PA do justify a higher paid. It's just it is not showing on the data. I see that you are also a PhD PA yourself Mind if I ask if you personally experience any increase in salary post PhD graduation?
  14. I am looking at this slideshow, however the median income for PhD PA is only a few k higher, nothing substantial and is probably only due to longer work experience of these PhD professionals not the degree itself. Am i missing something here?
  15. It seems like over the past few years doctoral degree for PA is gaining popularity and there are already some schools that offer it requiring only 1-1.5 years. Obviously, the benefit of being called Dr. is nice. But i am wondering if there would be any substantial benefit in salary increase or moving up the management ladder that you can expect from getting a doctoral degree in PA/DMS?
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