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  1. Update! Today I received a call that I have been accepted! So excited and happy. I was told that 2 spots free’d up and they have filled up the other spot, I could be wrong but I do wish all of you the best of luck. You WILL become a PA
  2. I just received an email to be placed on the waitlist, good luck to everyone!
  3. I'm applying everywhere but Midwestern.. my friends go there for Medical school and Pharmacy school and they do not recommend it. But to each their own
  4. Awesome! What were your stats? I'm curious as I have over 5000 clinical hours, cumulative GPA of 3.57, science GPA of 3.51, but I have a C in anatomy and Orgo 1
  5. Hey good people! I hope you’re all well and healthy during this COVID-19 outbreak. Just wanted to start this early and see your progress on the 2020-21 PA applications!
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