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  1. Hello! I have been taking an online 16wk self-paced biology course (w/lab). I started the course in October and plan to finish in January. I have been accepted to 2 PA programs (one which does not require this additional biology class and the other which does) and am waiting to hear back from 2 other programs that I interviewed at. Long story short, the class has not been going super well and while I have learned the information, the grades are not reflecting my knowledge and understanding and I don't want to send along a crappy grade if I don't need to... So, my question is: I know I will have to submit this grade to the school that requires the course (should I choose to attend this program) but since the other schools do not require this course, can I choose to not send this grade/transcript along to them? Or do schools require every single transcript to be sent to them? I sincerely appreciate the help and feedback!
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