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  1. Hey there, this is super late, but they stated on the website that the lab course MUST be an in-person lab course, but you can take the lecture course online. You have until August 2021 to complete the in-person lab course. Hopefully schools will be open next summer. Hope this helps!
  2. I had 2 in progress and received an invite, I emailed them in May and they said it's fine.
  3. You can send your application before they receive the scores.
  4. I've been completed/processing since mid-June, but no invitation or rejection yet. Not sure if I should contact them. Is anyone else in the same boat?
  5. Hey guys, is there a supplemental application questions or just the fee?
  6. received an interview as well! received by Arcadia June 15.
  7. Just got an interview invite! Actually from 2 schools within 5 minutes after a month of nothing! I'm crying
  8. is this a separate email from supplement is complete?
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