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  1. Just got an acceptance email too!! Applied 5/31, interviewed 9/11 in case anyone was wondering haha
  2. Acceptance call tonight! Applied 5/31 Interviewed 10/17
  3. My bad.. I meant 10/8. Haha nice catch!
  4. Acceptance email today! Interviewed 10/8 Verified on CASPA 5/31
  5. Hi everyone! I just got the email for the writing prompt and it states we need to have our GWU applicant number ready. Is this different from our CAS ID?
  6. Thanks so much for your experience in the program. I have been scouring the Cornell PA website for information about the program itself, but it's pretty hard to find. Thanks again
  7. Thanks for all the super helpful information! I was wondering if you could talk more about the early clinical experiences. That is honestly super awesome. What do you do for "mini rotations" or skills labs? Did these things match the topics you were learning in the class? Thanks in advance!
  8. Me too! And for anyone wondering: GPA (cumulative and science) about 3.89 GRE 157 V/ 162 Q/ 4.5 AWA 5000 PCE, 1500 Volunteering, 200 Shadowing Submitted 5/31 Good luck everyone!!
  9. I did because some of the other schools require you to "accept the interview" with a reply. OHSU didn't, but just in case, it doesn't hurt to send a quick thank you
  10. Also just got an invite via email (with no date/time)! Applied 5/30 Good luck to everyone applying
  11. Hi everyone! For the people that got the supplemental, how did you interpret the second question? I'm not sure if it means difficulty getting a certain number of hours (due to covid) or challenges faced at work (i.e a difficult patient) or another interpretation? Thanks in advance!
  12. 5/30 Submitted on CASPA 6/2 Verified on CASPA 6/6 Cornell confirmation email that my application was received 8/4 Secondary received via email (due 8/11)!
  13. I just got the secondary last night, so don't lose hope!!
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