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  1. I received a phone call a few days after the interview even though they told us they'd get back to us in ~2 weeks. I then received the official offer via email.
  2. Best of luck!!! Just be yourself and you’ll do great! It was an enjoyable experience.
  3. I interviewed on 9/8 which was the first interview and there were only 4 of us I believe applying to Hendersonville. I was accepted so at least one person. Hope this helps!
  4. I was in a similar position! I had been so glad I was done with the GRE. But when they asked to retake it, I knew that was my only shot to get an interview. So I studied for 30 days straight, several hours every day (I used Magoosh the 2nd time around; they offer a 5-point guarantee). I ended up getting 10 points higher and scoring above the 50th percentile in all categories. After reporting my score, they offered me an interview. It is my impression that I would not have received an interview invitation if I had not retaken the GRE. I hope this helps! I also applied to Hendersonville!
  5. Hello! I received an email from Susan Lance about my itinerary and then received the Canvas invite about 2 hours later. Maybe check your spam? See you tomorrow!
  6. I just got this email but have not received an email about an interview: Hello, This email confirms that your Medical University of South Carolina application to the PA program is complete. Some of you may have received this email already, so please disregard. If you are selected for an interview, the program will contact you directly via email to sign up for an interview time slot in mid to late October/early November. If you wish to withdraw your application, please email me back to let me know
  7. I was asked back in June to retake the GRE. My original score was 299 and my new score is 309 (retook 7/21). I was offered an interview (Hendersonville campus) today. I will be attending the virtual interview on 9/8! I hope to see some of you there!!!
  8. I also received an interview invite via email on 7/30. cGPA 3.63 sGPA 3.60 GRE 299 then 309 (I emailed them about my new score but they haven’t received it officially) PCE 1,400 CNA
  9. Submitted 5/22, verified 5/25, received confirmation email 6/19
  10. @secondroundbestround I submitted 5/22 and haven't heard anything. Verified 5/25.
  11. I submitted 5/22 and still haven't gotten a confirmation email. I have from all the other programs I have applied to.
  12. Just had my call with the Nashville campus as well! It was really nice to go over the averages and he noted what areas I am strong in and what areas might need a little work. He mentioned they're shooting for end of August for the first interview and will be having them every 5 weeks (minus December possibly) until April I believe. He also said invites should go out 4 weeks prior. So hopefully we hear back by mid July!
  13. Submitted 5/22 and was verified today (5/25). Best of luck to everyone! @Shae220 I have not been able to find a biochemistry lab at a CC either I used my o chem course instead of the biochem with lab option.
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