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  1. Does anyone know if CMU is accepting 40 or 60 students for matriculation? I read 60 on an article sent by one of the advisors but it didn't say when this would be implemented.
  2. how was the exam, what did you think? Also any tips for future test takers?
  3. Good luck to you! Check back in and let me know how it was! I just registered so I’ll be taking the practice exam in about a week to get a feel of what the exam is like. Are you a CMU student?
  4. Hi! I wanted to start a thread for the upcoming application. Especially with the new PA CAT requirement. So, who else is applying this cycle? Have you taken the PA CAT yet or when are you scheduled? Im interested to see if the applicant pool will be especially small given the new requirement. Share your stats! heres mine: cGPa: 3.69 sGpa: about a 3.5 but I have a couple classes I’m still in & will have two pending at my time of application HCE: 2,740 PCE: 2,860
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